Aizada Ussenova

Founder & CEO

Born in Kazakhstan and raised in humble beginnings, Aizada Ussenova always believed in fairytales. At a young age she was mesmerized by stories that proved time and time again that anything was possible and dreams do come true.

It was at the age of 16 where she discovered her love of cooking and baking that drove her to discover her innate passion for creating spaces where people can come together to dine, laugh, and create memories. There was born a dream of a young girl to open a restaurant of her own.

From the tender age of 16 Aizada worked towards making her dreams a reality and creating a fairy tale of her own.

In 2015, Aiza Group was born and now encompasses seven restaurants across the UAE with plans to open in Europe and North America in the coming future.

She is a testament to all little girls with a dream that fairytales do exist, and dreams really do come true.

Welcome to Aiza Hospitality.

Established in 2015 by Aizada Ussenova, we are a leading hospitality group in the UAE developing and designing acclaimed home grown concepts. With a unique portfolio of fine dining, casual dining, and lifestyle concepts, we aspire to introduce the UAE market to a new season of hospitality.

We believe in creating dreamlike spaces in an ever arching goal to present people with places to create memories for life.

Welcome to Aiza Hospitality Group.

Sergei Andreichenko

Sergei Andreichenko

Group Executive Chef

I spent my childhood in France in the northern city of Lille on the English Channel coast, where I touched the world of gastronomy for the first time and discovered something that still makes sense to me. There was an understanding that, in addition to simple dishes, there could be mussels or caprese with mozzarella for dinner, which I started cooking myself at the age of 7. Since then, Mediterranean cuisine has been occupying a special place in my life.

I first started working in a small French restaurant when I was 17. At the same time, I traveled a lot in Europe and around the world. I was inspired by the cultures of different countries and it allowed me to look at gastronomy from the creative side, and to understand that it is possible to change the established ideas about cooking and to try completely new things. The gastronomic world is much more fascinating for me than to focus on one thing. After I gained enough experience and left France, I managed to work in iconic restaurants in Turkey, Poland, Israel, Russia and the UAE.

My philosophy in cooking is to adapt and balance a familiar product into a completely new format using modern techniques. The true sign that everything worked out for me is the happy smiles of the guests. It is important for me that the dish is unique, starting with the signature presentation and ending with an inimitable taste.